Continue to expand Stevia use, Coca-Cola released in New Zea

日期:2018-06-15 / 人气: / 来源:未知

The drinks were supplied from the retailers of New Zealand on Monday May 7th with 300ml, 600ml and 1.5L PET bottles, as well as a variety of specifications such as each 250ml/6 tank and 330ml/6 tank.
Coca-Cola said that the introduction of this sugar free beverage is part of the development strategy to encourage consumers to reduce sugar intake. Sandhya Pillay, a Oceania regional manager at Coca-Cola, said: "over the past 10 years, we have been innovating and studying in the field of Stevia, and we are now able to provide delicacy of stevio, which we believe is the best sweetness coke we have made. New Zealanders love innovation and try new things, which makes us seize the opportunity to introduce Coca-Cola stevia sugar free edition.
"More and more new Zealanders want to reduce their sugar intake, so we worked hard for many years to develop sugar free beverages suitable for modern lifestyles and tastes. Stevia is 200 times more sweet than table candy and contains very little calories, which means that we can add very little Stevia to get the same sweetness.
"It is well known that Stevia has a bitter taste, so the previous steviodies are usually mixed with other sweeteners to get a better taste. But as the technology continues to develop, now we have completely overcome the difficulties, we can launch 100% stevia sugar as a sweetener, and the taste is close to the original coke. "
George Droumev, chief technology officer of Coca-Cola Southern Pacific Company, added: "people want to taste good drinks, but that doesn't necessarily need sugar. Consumers want to have the same flavor as the drinks that they grow up, but not so much calories. Our task is to address these challenges. At present, not many sugar substitutes are entirely from natural sources. We think our sugar free 100% stevioside Cola is a major breakthrough.