The food and drug administration has scientifically interpre

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Recently, information about whether sweeteners will lead to obesity has aroused concern on the Internet recently. What is the "sweetener"? What is the impact on human health? What are the relevant rules and standards in the food industry? The General Administration of the food and Drug Administration issued the fifth issue of food safety risk analysis in 2016, and organized some experts to interpret the sweeteners.
Reasonable use of sweeteners is safe in accordance with the standards.
Sweetener is a kind of food sweetener and belongs to food additives. Sweeteners are divided into natural sweeteners and synthetic sweeteners. The advantages of sweeteners include five main aspects: stable chemical properties, no participation in body metabolism, high sweetness, low price, and no dental caries.
For the food industry, sweeteners are an important kind of food additives, which have been widely used in more than 100 countries and regions including the United States, the European Union and China, and some varieties have been used for more than 100 years.
According to the provisions of the current standard for the use of food additives (GB2760-2014), the sweeteners such as name, Ammonium Glycyrrhizinate, potassium glycyrrhizic acid, three potassium, D- mannol, cyclamate, maltose and maltose, lactose, three sucralose, aspartame, etc. can be used as sweeteners for bread, pastries, biscuits, drinks, and tones. In food such as taste.
According to the GB2760 regulations, sweeteners usually provide the maximum amount of use in the food that is allowed. These Provisions are formulated on the basis of strict risk assessment and ensuring safety, and are basically the same as those permitted by other countries.
However, from the results of the 2015 food safety supervision of the General Administration of food and drug administration, it was found that the unqualified samples, which were not qualified for the super range and ultra limited use of food additives, were relatively high in the total unqualified samples, and there were also products that were not qualified for the sweeteners. The reason may be that the manufacturers do not understand the relevant standards, the level of technical management is not high, and it does not exclude the individual manufacturers in order to save the cost of production and deliberately illegal use.
Sweeteners partially replace sugar intake is a development trend.
The development speed of sugar free and low sugar food and beverage products in the world is fast, and the intake of sweeteners partly instead of sugar has been a global trend. With the development of the world food industry and the demand of consumers for more low calorie or non calorie food, it is also a trend to develop and apply more safety and high times new sweeteners. Therefore, the expert recommends:
First, intensify efforts to publicize standards and regulations and strengthen supervision. It is suggested to strengthen the promotion of relevant laws, regulations and standards, and to strengthen the supervision and disposal of "the use of food additives, including sweeteners, to cover food itself or quality defects in the process of processing or to use adulteration, adulteration and forgery."
Two, food production enterprises must strictly abide by the relevant standards and regulations. In strict compliance with the requirements of GB2760, the amount of food additives, including sweeteners, can be reduced as far as possible to the desired effect.
Three, strengthen science popularization and rationally disseminate scientific knowledge. It is suggested that efforts should be made to popularize and popularize food safety knowledge in various ways, timely issuing scientific voice and spreading positive energy. The reports related to sweeteners should be scientific and comprehensive, and should not be demonized.
Four, consumers should understand the knowledge of food additives and pay attention to reasonable meals. Consumers should treat food additives rationally and pay attention to buying products from regular channels. On the basis of reasonable diet, balanced nutrition and control of total energy intake, it is suggested that a sweetener can be selected to replace some or all foods with sugar on the basis of reasonable diet, balanced nutrition and control of total energy intake.