EU revision of stevioside index parameters

日期:2018-06-15 / 人气: / 来源:未知

According to the EU website, the European Union issued the (EU) 2016/1814 Ordinance to revise the index parameters of stevioside in the (EU) No 231/2012 annex.
The production process of stevioside consists of two main processes: the first step is to extract chrysanthemum leaves by water phase and then purified by ion exchange chromatography to produce the first extract of stevioside. The second parts are recrystallized by methanol or ethanol to produce stevioside finished products with no less than 95%.
Stevioside is white to light yellow powder, sweetness is about 200 to 350 times of sucrose (5% sucrose equivalent), soluble in slightly soluble in water. The main quality indexes include: total ash content is less than 1%, dry weight loss is less than 6% (105 C, 2h), insoluble solids are less than 200mg/kg methanol or 5000mg/kg ethanol, arsenic is less than 1mg/kg, lead less than 1mg/kg. The new regulations come into force 20 days after the release.