China's food additives enterprises need to grasp market inno

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The global market for sweeteners is 250 thousand tons and the market capacity is around 7 billion. BCC believes that the sweetener market in the global sweetener market will continue to grow at a steady rate of 1.1% in the future. At present, the bottleneck of the functional sweetener industry is the lack of technology that can be industrialized; there are safety, energy and environmental problems in production technology; public recognition is far less than sucrose.
Good posture
In 2012, the total yield of high power sweetener in China is about 120 thousand tons, accounting for more than 75% of the total production in the world. It is the world's largest producer. The production and sales of many high times sweetener products are the first in the world. From 2012 to 2013, the industry has a good trend of development, and it also faces the problems of economic weakness, heavy capacity overcapacity, and the decline of enterprise profit ability. In the long run, low calorie, high sweetness and functional non nutritive sweeteners will be the focus and direction of development both at home and abroad.
In recent years, China's sugar and alcohol industry has grown rapidly, the production capacity is too large, the total demand for sugar and alcohol in the world is about 1 million 900 thousand tons, while our country's capacity exceeds 2 million 300 thousand tons, and the total production of sugar and alcohol in 2012 is about 1 million 600 thousand tons. This year the growth rate slowed down and the price balance picked up slightly. At present, the cost of enterprise employment is rising, the market demand at home and abroad is weak, financing is difficult, and the enterprise tax is heavy. Under the current difficult situation, enterprises should take the market as the guidance, increase the technological innovation ability and achieve sustainable development.
Among the big families of the world's sweeteners, the size of three sucralose, saccharin and aspartame is the largest, and three of them occupy 70% of the high power sweetener market, and other sweeteners, such as Ansai, are often used in combination with these sweeteners. The traditional sweetener is late, the safety of saccharin is poor, and has been accelerated by the market; aspartame is stable in general, and the security has been questioned in recent years, and the market is gradually replaced by other sweeteners.
New sweeteners are rising. The localization of three sucralose will accelerate the popularization of the application; Ansai honey has good stability, ease of use and safety, and can be used with other sweeteners. It is the "golden oil" in the sweetener, and will also be promoted in the sweetener market; it has a good price sweet ratio and performance, and the patent is expected to expire after the expiration. The transfer to domestic production will become an important emerging force for sweeteners; stevio as a representative of natural sweeteners, has developed rapidly in recent years, and the annual growth rate of our country is more than 20%.
The prospect is still good
From 1 to June this year, the development of China's food industry has been declining, and the sweetener and functional sugar batching industry also showed a slowdown in growth and the reduction of enterprise benefits. Overcapacity in the industry, uncoordinated supervision and management of food safety, imperfect regulations and standards, and deteriorating competition environment are all unfavorable factors affecting the development of the industry.
In the long run, the rigidity of sweeteners and functional sugar ingredients in the food industry still needs to exist. The current difficulties will be solved gradually with the improvement of the economic situation and the adjustment of the structure. The future of the industry is still promising, and the industry will overcome the current difficulties and meet the new opportunities for development.
Conclusion: innovation is an enduring topic in any industry, and in the field of food additives. Enterprise needs continuously develop new products, taking into account the needs of consumers, grasp the market trend, so as to win the market.