Exhibition review is coming for Biolotus Inc

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Spring returns to the earth and everything recovers. Spring is the season of hope,Everything is full of vitality. With passion and confidence, Baolian sales team shuttles between major exhibitions at home and abroad. It not only shows our products to the public, customers and even the whole world, but also shows Baolian's firm determination to devote itself to developing high-quality new products in 2019, strive to build the company's brand and achieve the goal of doubling its performance.

With the joint efforts of all the staff, our exhibition has achieved gratifying results. On the exhibition site, many domestic and foreign customers signed product orders with us on the spot, and many domestic and foreign customers expressed their high recognition of our products and reached intentional cooperation.
Unlike in the past, our R&D staff brought snacks and drinks made of stevia glycoside and stevia blends , and showed the application of the products to customers in a concrete and intuitive way, and received unanimous praise from all of the customers. Ms. Wang from Shanghai, who visited the exhibition, said that "the Cranberry crisp and cake made of stevia are sweet and not greasy, without the sour taste of traditional sucrose, and can also be eaten for children at ease". A well-known beverage manufacturer came to express his willingness to further exchange and explore the application and development of our products in liquid tea and solid beverage manufacturing. The person in charge of a pickle factory said that they were also experimenting with the application of stevia products in the brewing field. Now they have shown good results and expressed their willingness to cooperate with us.
In recent years, with the increasing competitiveness of Baolian at home and abroad, the brand strength has been increasing, and the level of customers visited by several exhibitions has also been significantly improved. First, the comprehensive strength has been enhanced, and second, the number of orders has increased.
After the baptism of the market in recent years of Baolian, we have reason to believe that Baolian will continue to follow the trend of the development of the Great Healthy Age with its innovative spirit and ingenuity quality, to promote human health and let the world share Baolian.


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