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Large-scale planting base of 30000 Mu (20,000,000 m2) builds up the leader position in the industry

Stevia planting bases of Biolotus Biotechnology are located in Jiangsu, Jilin, Inner Mongolia,North Korea and other places, covering about30000 Mu (20,000,000 m2).

Carefully selected geographical locations make stevia thrive. There are many areas of large-scale planting conditions, but not all are suitable for stevia growth and development. In order to provide the most suitable conditions for stevia growth, Biolotus Biotechnology sends specially-assigned persons around the country at home and abroad to investigate and look for favorable planting areas. The climate, temperature, soil, water, sunshine and other aspects in the planting areas currently used by Biolotus are very conducive to stevia growth and development.

The governments and farmers in the planting areas actively cooperate with each other, and Biolotus stevia planting management system is becoming mature. In the local government's support, Biolotus after three stages of trial, demonstration and large-scale planting, adopts the stevia planting management system of “enterprise organizes, governments participate, enterprise and farmers cooperate”, and has established tens of thousands of acres of stevia planting base. Local farmers who were not familiar with stevia now actively participate in planting stevia, which promotes the adjustment of local agricultural planting structure. At present, Biolotus has formed tens of thousands of stevia planting area in Jiangsu region; at the same time, Biolotus has established a good reputation and word of mouth in Jiangsu local governments and farmers, and has gained support of stevia planting from the local governments and farmers, providing favorable conditions for expansion of planting area.

Take pride in occupying the best land resources at home and abroad, with fully mechanized planting and harvesting. In order to solve the problem of large-scale cultivation base of stevia, Biolotus has established stevia planting base in Hunchun Jilin and Wuhai Inner Mongolia, and adopts fully mechanized planting and harvesting. Biolotus has also established a planting base of super-large scale in North Korea. There are abundant land resources in Jilin, Inner Mongolia and Korea, providing a guarantee for Biolotus to expand stevia cultivation area, which is the advantage that other companies do not have. National stevia planting area decreased significantly, leading to short supply of stevia. Biolotus has a large area of planting, and provides adequate supply of stevia for company production thus to meet quantity demands of all the customers.

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