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Extraodinary technology of stevia seedling fostering
Stevia rebaudiana, also known as stevia, a perennial compositae herb, originates at 22 - 24° south, 55 - 56° west in the Aman Bainan Mountains in northeast of Paraguay bordering Brazil, where the local Indian indigenous residents have been used stevia leaves as sweeteners for hundreds of years. In 1977 stevia began to be introduced in China from Japan, and promoted for planting in various parts of the country. Now the national acreage reaches more than 40 million acres, and mainly concentrates in Dongtai, Jiangsu, Mingguang, Heilongjiang, and Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang.

In order to meet the needs of domestic and international markets, the processing capacity of stevioside in China has been increasing in recent years. However, the growth rate of Stevia is slow, and the processing capacity is greater than that of Stevia. In view of the status quo of this industry, Biolotus biotechnology in a timely manner to take effective measures to vigorously cultivate fine varieties of stevia.

To cooperate with scientific research institutions on seedling fostering technology

Biolotus biotechnology and major scientific research institutions to establish a combination of high-quality varieties of Nanjing Tang Ju, has developedExcellent Stevia series of two varieties,have3 patented technologies,In the stevia variety research and patent technology reserves in the leading domestic level. At the same time to obtain Jishou University, Yangzhou University Institute of Biological Sciences, many well-known scientific research experts for the cooperation of Paulin continuous research and innovation to provide protection.

Establishment of a number of large-scale stevia seedling fostering bases

Biolotus biotechnology in Taixing, Jiangsu Province, Rugao, Qidong established stevia seed breeding base. The base of the use of Biolotus Nanjing scientific research base of the development of fine stevia varieties in the field for large-scale breeding, and the use of miscellaneous, to the poor, isolation and breeding methods, so that the seeds can be a long time to maintain its excellent characteristics. Biolotus Biotech The development and selection of stevia seeds of stevia leaves can ensure that Biolotus is a leading position in Stevia industry and make a positive contribution to the development of Stevia industry.


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