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  Stevia cultivation and processing of agricultural industrialization projects, and is a high technological content of advanced technology projects, the national industrial policy is a strong support of the project.
In the mid-seventies of the twentieth century, some people of insight from China introduced stevia seeds from Japan, and planted success, China became the world's stevia cultivation, stevia processing and production of large countries.The country has promulgated a series of preferential policies and documents for the development of Stevia, Stevia developed a green light.June 1995 Ministry of Health approved stevioside can be used as food additives, in the "food additives use health standards" (GB2760) in the provisions of the normal use of production needs. This provision determines the safety and reliability of stevioside. National Technical Quality Supervision Bureau in accordance with the continuous improvement of the quality of stevioside requirements in 1987 and 1999 has issued "Stevia glycosides standard GB8270-87" and "Stevia glycosides standard GB8270-1999".December 20, 2008 - FDA approvalSeptember 2009 - French approvalNovember 1, 2011 - EFSA approved, December 2, 2011 came into effect2011 - India FSSAI approved stevioside as sweetenerJune 2012 - Belgian endorsement Stevia glycosides are natural sweeteners

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